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You have probably dropped in here because you have a web site that is not bringing you the desired traffic, or you are considering having a website built and you are looking around at ways you can get the best value out of your existing website?                                                                                                                                                                                  
Well you have come to the right place ..  

OnlineNZ have developed many websites for many clients over a number of years and we all acknowledge that whilst the internet is now the BEST POSSIBLE way to market your goods or services to a vast number of people very quickly and cheaply, you must also realise that it is even more important that your website can be found easily online. OnlineNZ has developed the "silver bullet" for you to achieve those desirable top rankings whilst not paying "an arm and a leg" in the process. Market your website cost effectively.

We have developed a purpose built software programme that attracts over 1,000,000 a year to it’s site and is growing hugely in popularity. As it is a nationwide website providing great information at a local level, it also provides viewers with a local directory of businesses. Clients that have a listing on olnz, increase their ability to be found online many times over due to the inbuilt SEO optimisation of the site. As well as gaining valuable back-links to their website from a higher ranked website. We call these “positive votes”. In many cases our clients have returned a google page #1 search engine return (olnz listing only) directing traffic to that client’s website directly from the promotional site. This type of promotional package is seldom available from any other Web Development Company in the World. It was designed by ourselves to HIGHLY PROMOTE our own client’s websites and improve their ability to be found on the Internet. This gives us an advantage over our competitors and likewise your business is more likely to be easily found than your competitors are. We know for certain that our client's websites will rank higher almost every time.

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Banner advertisements are clickable banners on the olnz/oloz promotional site that give visitors direct access to our client’s websites with one click.There are several different banner options available on our website as well. Banner advertising is another way of providing our clients with valuable back-links (votes) in addition to them gaining more exposure by promoting them throughout our site randomly. Each client’s banner is visible on the site over a thousand times per month and this is increasing.

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